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New Blog

As you can see, I haven't written on this blog for ages, but I've started another blog

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Saturday, 27 September 2008

Purple rash

We've all been sick for the last few weeks. Dane and I had chest x-rays to check for pneumonia. We also had conjunctivitis, coughs, vomitting etc. But the icing on the cake was when Sarah came out with a purple rash on Wednesday. I took her to the local doctor and he told me to get her to hospital immediately. Although she didn't have any of the other symptoms of meningococcal we didn't want to take any chances. At the hospital the doctors didn't waste any time getting a drip into her and pumping her full of anti-biotics just in case. It was a little scary, but a priesthood blessing gave me confidence it was nothing serious. The hardest part was trying to keep Sarah occupied. She was in isolation, so she couldn't play with the other children in the play room, and she was attached 24 hours a day to the drip (she had to take her 'puppy' with her around the room). Poor Todd had the task of staying overnight with her and got a grand total of 2 hours sleep.

At one point Sarah grabbed her drip stand and declared in front of the nurses "I want to go to another party!" Another time she performed stomach rolls for the doctor. She cracks me up sometimes.
The doctors finally worked out that she had an allergic reaction to the virus and some of the blood vessels had leaked and caused purple bruising that looked like a rash. We were so relieved when allowed to go home. Does that face look sick to you?

Sunday, 31 August 2008


This week Sarah enjoyed her last breastfeed. It was time. She's two and two months. She's started one day a week at preschool. She's done her first wee on the potty. She can say the alphabet and count to 10 and put on her pyjama bottoms.

I feel grateful that she breastfed for so long and we could share that special time together. Its the one time she would melt in my arms and gaze into my eyes and tuck her cold little hand in my soft bosom. She was still my little baby.

I thought it was would be an impossibly heart wrenching fight to wean her. When given the choice of nuggles or chocolate she always chose the former. My morning greeting was not 'hello mummy' it was 'can I have some nuggles?'. I asked her recently what 'nuggles' tastes like and she said 'yummy!'.

So I prayed for widsom and guidance. The next morning she didn't ask for any of the good stuff, and was quite satisfied later when I explained that only little babies have nuggles. Big girls get to eat all sorts of yummy things that babies can't have. The next day Sarah told me that Dane wanted some nuggles because he couldn't have strawberries.

I'm surprised she's taken it so well. A little too well. Where did my little baby go? The sad thing is I can't even remember her last feed because I didn't know at the time it would be the last.

I feel like life is going by too fast. I want to remember all the little moments. I try to take photos and video and write in three journals but it just doesn't cut it. I look at my babies and think 'I want to remember this moment', but there's so many of them I know I can't possibly do it.

Mind you, some moments will stay with me for a while, such as the 'take nappy off and poo in cot right before church' moment. It might even get better with time.

Sometimes I wonder who is being weaned, Sarah or me. I love you my little cherubs. Don't grow up too quickly.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

I get to fall in love over and over ...

with these growing little people that I get to keep for a while

Finally using some of our wheat

Todd actually ground the wheat to make the flour to make the dough to make the bread - isn't he a clever cookie - and it tasted so yummy warm with lots of butter. While in Adelaide I made this little raggy quilt for my friend Kellie, who had a baby girl the same age as Dane. I'm going through a blanket phase at the moment - I just can't resist buying more and more material. I made a little blanket for Sarah for preschool (she's just started 1 day a week). Somehow I thought that if I put lots of love into a blanket for her, she would feel it while away from me for 5 hours. It seemed to work. She had a great time.